Monday, 18 June 2012

And the answer is...

Here is a bigger clue to our recent holiday:

Two weeks on a canal boat, puttering around the Four Counties Ring. These photos were taken on the Shropshire Union Canal section, when we still had sunshine (even if we could hardly see it for the trees towering up the cuttings!) This was a particularly unusual, double-arched bridge.

Canal boating seems to bring up nothing but adventurous stories, which I hope to write up and regale you with over the coming weeks. Ironic how many stories there can be, given you slow down to 3mph!

Truly, for us, it was just what the doctor ordered, allowing us to sleep and rest, to talk (often without the children, as they played games together inside the boat) and to see some of the most beautiful countryside. The rain at the end of the second week put a dampener (ahem!) on things, making us all a little miserable as we battled with our 15th lock of the day...

I've asked the children if they'd like to go again. No response.
My husband and I? Back like a shot!
Does that reflect well or badly on our individual paces of life?

And, for the record, my son's response when asked what the best bit of the holiday was?

"Trying out two new types of Magnum ice-cream!"

We could have done that at home!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Hello again!

Still here!

We've had our family 'summer holiday' (yes, it did rain) and I know I could have planned lots of blog posts before I left, and I know I could have asked for guest writers, and I know I could have posted daily blogs from our holidays ... but sometimes we all just need a break.

So, until I get my head back in order, perhaps you'd like to guess where I've been?

I suppose I could have picked an easier photo, but what fun would there be in that?! Guesses welcome in the comments box!

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