Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Second best

The Dotterel has set me this challenge, to name my 'seconds' (obviously, my favourite seconds is cheesecake, or pavlova, or chocolate cake, or all three...) But no - he set 10 questions that I can't answer, only ameliorated by saying I need do only one. For completeness, here are the ten questions, together with my comments and memories:

your second girlfriend? (never had one... the odd boyfriend though...!)
your second day at school? (can't remember, although I vaguely remember my first day at my second(ary) school)
who your second best-friend was? Louise. Best Friend 1 I knew from age 2.5; Louise arrived in the village when I was 10 and we became three close friends for many years. Ironically, having lost contact since leaving home, we are now in the same city and have met up - kids and all!
the second LP that you bought? (no idea!)
the second house you lived in? Technically, the house I grew up in, from 2.5 until after I graduated
the second car you drove? Presumably my Dad's: I learnt to drive in Mum's...
your second-favourite band? Hard to pick a favourite, let alone 2nd best!
the second-best book you ever read? The Cross & The Switchblade, David Wilkerson - the story of his work with drug addicts in New York and, bizarrely, a man I met many years later in Zambia
your second-favourite film? (no idea)
your second-favourite blog? Daren't answer this in case I upset someone, although tempted to say Bringing up Charlie as revenge!

I have a queue of memes lined up to answer (I promise, I will get round to them eventually!) and I hate having to pick people but for now I pass this on to Collette, SIFTW, Cheshire Wife and Super Mum. Hope you have fun, and can remember more seconds than me.

Now, where is the remains of that apple crumble...


Dorset Dispatches said...

See second time around you've worked everything out. Second is much better than first. Just not quite so memorable...

I've got to ask you, I really think I might have met you before, in like, real life. It's driving me nuts trying to work it out! Did you used to live in Oxford?

Catharine Withenay said...

Erm ... no. I was offered a place at uni there but turned it down, so unless you were also being interviewed back in '88 that was someone else!

Any other suggestions?

Tim Atkinson said...

So, do you make a habit of dating odd boyfriends, Catharine? Or was the second-time a one-off!?!

Catharine Withenay said...

Hmmm... just protecting my privacy here, methinks!

lulu's missives said...

I enjoyed reading this post.
I like the idea of 'seconds', especially more pudding, like crumble.
But also, I feel like I'm having a second chance at life.
So lots of food for thought.

cheshire wife said...

Thank you for thinking of me. Will try to have a go when we return from holiday but my answers will probabbly be no more illuminating than yours!

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