Monday, 16 June 2008

Cricket capers

Yesterday I finally had my birthday present: a day at the cricket.  We travelled to Chester le Street to see England thrash New Zealand.

It was a fantastic day out.  The train from Newcastle was full to bursting, such that it had to shut its doors about 5 minutes before departure.  Judging by how the engine sounded as it tried to accelerate out of the city I suspect any more passengers and it would only have moved if we'd got out and pushed.  

My seven-year old loved the match. I know this because he took his scorecard and '4' board in to Show and Tell at school this morning.  I am constantly amazed by how much he knows.  He recognised Ryan Sidebottom fielding in front of us and quickly worked out that Batsman 24 (Pietersen) was worth his weight in gold.  Now he's excited about going again: what better advert for the game!

Really, there is nothing like a summer's day watching cricket in good company.  What a wonderfully decadent way to spend one's time!

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