Thursday, 9 July 2009

Sports Day

Son had Cub Sports Day last night. His pack was competing against the other two in the village (there would have been a fourth, but they didn't turn up). It turned out that his pack were defending their victory in 2008. The trophy is enormous.

I assume (oh, terrible mother that I am) that he will succeed in sport as much as his mother did (i.e. he won't).

But before I had a chance to test this out I was approached by Arkala to score! Doesn't she know I am an accountant?

Accountants don't do numbers. Nor do Maths graduates. I am an utter failure with numbers.

There wasn't even a calculator available.

At least I got a seat.

Of course, all the mental brain exercise didn't stop me screaming like mad for my son to win every race he took part in: Three-legged race (for 8 year olds) and Obstacle race (for 9 year olds). I suppose that aged 8.5 this is permissible.

And guess what?

He won!


Working Mum said...

Yay! Well done him!

Same thing happens to me - Maths teacher so I have to do the scoring at school sports day - trouble is, I'm so clueless at sport I don't know which events are which - eventually a PE teacher told me that field events were jumping and chucking and track event were running. Thank goodness!

SandyCalico said...

Oh dear, perhaps when mine go to school I'll keep quiet about being an accountant. Mind you the closest I get to numbers these days is watching Countdown!

Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

hooray for your son!
Collette x

Maternal Tales said...

Yay - how proud you must have been. Our sports day was a wash out (in quite a few senses). We're not speaking about it now :-(

The Dotterel said...

Charlie and I finished last in the parent/children race!

Catharine Withenay said...

WM - glad I'm not the only one. Maths (in my opinion) is mainly about letters, usually Greek ones.

SandyCalico - no-one here knows I'm an accountant (it's the sort of thing you keep quiet about if you want to make friends) - just in the wrong place at the wrong time!

Collette - my thoughts exactly - Hooray!

MT - The school sports day is next week: it has a spare day marked in the calendar incase Day 1 is a washout (such is the confidence about weather in Manchester!)

Dotterel - I think I would finish even further back than last...

Thames said...

Yeah! I left early on sports day (was there 90 minutes!), after thinking my daughter had seen me. I missed her race and she asked why I wasn't there!

cheshire wife said...

Planning a sports day is a bit like planning a BBQ. The weather is guaranteed to do its worst! Well done to your son.

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