Sunday, 23 August 2009

Birthday party!

This week we celebrated my husband's birthday - not yet a big round number (the big party is next year!) but nevertheless an important day for the family.

So (it being the school holidays) the children had a lie-in and I gratefully received a cup of tea in bed, as he left for the 7.30am train. I did figure that there was a bit of making-up to do!

We had arranged that I would bring the children into town and meet him after work, then we'd all go out for dinner. Pizza Express did us very well, though I'm not sure the rest of the diners were so happy. Our game of I Spy did become quite raucous (SCNT, says my son - Security Camera Number Two) but the best bit was giving my husband his presents.

We started with the cards in the post, a couple of 'it's on its way...' messages.

Then there were a couple of card games I'd bought when in London (an easy present, that I knew he'd like).

Then there was my somewhat double-edged gift: a couple of library books. I did tell him they were only a present for the next three weeks... but he's already finished one and is halfway through the second. They are about narrowboats and canal travel, which may yet be the source of his retirement entertainment. Would he enjoy buying a wreck and doing it up? Or are we just fuelling a mid-life crisis?

Finally, there was the present from my children to him. I pass it to my son, to pass to my husband and what happens?

My son starts to open the present!

On realising that we had all gone quiet and were looking at him, he did notice his mistake and pass it on. Poor lad: feels it is still a long time until his birthday, I guess!


lulu's missives said...

So did your husband eventually get to open his present? And did he like it?
I had a similar thing happen with my daughter. A friend's little boy got too excited and suddenly, oh dear her present was no longer wrapped.

Catharine Withenay said...

Yes - my husband did open the rest of the present, and yes he liked it! The children had bought him a personalised OS Map of the area we live in. (So today we were out on our bikes exploring it - lovely family time!)

The wife of bold said...

Kids, so impatient. I like the double edged birthday gift, you evil genius :)

Catharine Withenay said...

My father has had most of the double-edged gifts ... like the year I told him to buy a computer, but we would help him set it up and use it, ... or the year I drew plans for the redesign of his living room but he had to pay for the new furniture and redecoration...

I think evil genius describes me well!!

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Our children do that all the time. Our birthdays are their birthdays!

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