Monday, 15 February 2010

So who got the Valentine?

Who got the Valentine's Card in our house?

Was it me?

No, although my lovely husband cooked me a splendid dinner. I spent the day ferrying my children to their grandparents (a three hour train journey each way). I read a lot of my book...

Was it my husband?

No, I'm pretty hopeless and unromantic. But I did buy him some jelly babies (two of which he presented to me in a curtain ring when he proposed all those years ago, so maybe I have a hint of romance in my bones.)

Was it my seven-year-old daughter?

No. The most beautiful girl on the planet but really, really too young.

Was it my nine-year-old son?


Some girl spent a lot of time preparing this beautiful card, covered in hearts, some cut out of tissue and coloured paper. Was it the girl I saw running away from his friend's house, having put a red envelope through the letterbox? Was it a girl from his birthday party? Worse - was it the sister of a girl from the birthday party winding them both up?

He doesn't know, so I guess I'll never know. He also doesn't seem too bothered. In contrast, I'm on edge! I can't believe he's old enough for receiving Valentine's cards, and I'm quite sure I'm not ready for any emotional complications.

Thank goodness we'd had that little chat about concubines...


Working Mum said...

So glad it's not just me. My five year old daughter got a Thornton's Valentine chocolate lollipop from a boy in her class. I'm not ready for this!

Muddling Along Mummy said...

That's a great card - how cool for your son to get one (I've never had one)

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