Thursday, 4 March 2010

Back after the interval

Please forgive me, little blog and friends.

The world is going crazy. The children's hectic social lives still whirl around and I, mother taxi, whirl with them. Husband is working beyond 10pm most nights. I have a service to prepare for Sunday on a topic I know nothing about. Yet despite this, our house renovation is due to start soon and I have a week to finalise the rental of another home and move into it. And yes - that does mean pack, pack, pack and hope that I'll never need the things in storage.

I am stressed beyond comprehension, in all reality. There are other matters that have arisen, and even our imminent (and much needed) holiday is threatened. I don't want to go into details but nothing in my life seems to be going according to plan. At least, not my plan...

So, forgive me if there is radio silence for a bit. I will be back, but a little space is needed so that this blog can be a release of stress, rather than a cause of it. And anyway, I've yet to organise the transfer of the broadband to the new address. Add it to my 'to do' list ... !
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