Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Dear Blog,

Sorry not to have called by for a while. It is quite scary how much time the house refurbishment takes up. Combine that with children that will insist on attention, clothes that pile up demanding to be washed, end of term activities and celebrations and a husband working so, so hard and - well, you get my absenteeism.

Please forgive me. I still love you.

I'm sorry I haven't had chance to tell you about the debacle over my daughter's report. Nor about the magnificent rendition of 'Bright Eyes' on the trombone by my son. Nor the BMB meet-up in Manchester last week. Nor the builders' optimism about finishing the job on time.

I haven't told you about the book's progress: how it is loved by my writing group but nearly annihilated by others. I haven't managed to write about orange albinism (inspired by the story of the black couple who gave birth to a white baby) nor wax lyrical about the beauties of St Andrews (aside from the golf). I haven't entered the writing competitions that I planned too, nor read the books that are piling up in my bedroom.

I haven't shared all the exciting things we're going to do during our summer holidays. We're moving house. We hope. (Well, now I have shared all the exciting things we're going to do during our summer holidays...)

Don't despair: I'll be back imminently with tales of family laughter and woe. Just not last week. And maybe not next week, but who knows?

With love,


Working Mum said...

Good luck with the house and the move - hope it all goes swimmingly for you. Don't worry about the blog - it always goes quiet in the summer when people have holidays and children to entertain. And yes, how does the washing pile up so much when there aren't even school uniforms?

Catharine Withenay said...

Oh thanks, WM. You seem to absolve me of a lot of guilt! We still have two days of term left to go ... and the shirt I was hoping my daughter would squeeze one more day out of has just been decorated with spag bolog. Grrrr...

Hearth-mother said...

This sounds just like my life, even the writing competitions part. I just can't worry about the blog too much though; after all, real life is a bit more important!

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