Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A last goodbye

Here is the prayer I read at Gran's funeral last Friday. More cheery blogposts will follow, I promise!

Ok, God,
it’s time for a chat.
I know, I know – when it comes to prayers I don’t do much listening
and you are sitting back, waiting for the imminent discourse.
Well, today it’s like this.
Gran’s dead.
Ok – I know you know that too.
That’s part of being omniscient or omnipotent or one of those other long, theological words people use instead of plain English.
Anyway, we are here to remember her,
to thank you for her life,
and – to a certain extent – to say goodbye to her.
That’s the bit that’s really tough,
‘cos she was one of those people that you’d really like to live for ever.
She worked hard at that: 97 wonderful years.
And we are so thankful.
Thankful for being a part of her life.
Thankful for her faith, her serenity, her wisdom.
Thankful for her love of family and friends.
Thankful for her generosity and laughter.
Thankful for her elegance, thankful for her ability to make clothes.
Thankful for my wedding dress.
And even thankful that, in the midst of her dementia, she still had brilliant moments of clarity,
when her faith shone through and we could see the loving, mischievous lady underneath.
So we thank you, God, for giving her to us.
And we are sorry for the times we’ve messed up.
For times we could have spent with her and didn’t.
For times we upset her, or argued with her, or lost her famous bramble mousse recipe.
Yep … there is much to be sorry for.
But you are a forgiving God, and on that we depend.
Take care of her – please.
I know you promise us eternal life in heaven with you
and I rejoice that she is there
- with Mum and Grandpa –
a trio of people who spent time listening to you,
now worshipping you to eternity,
no pain, no crying, no sadness.
So look after her
and look after us
‘cos I’m looking forward to meeting up again. One day.


Hearth-mother said...

Though very sad, it is lovely that you are remembering her in this way. A beautiful prayer. I lost my grandma of 90 last year, but took great comfort in writing about her to help grieve and remember and celebrate.

Mark said...

That's heartfelt and very human I think - it works regardless of faith.

Thanks for your comments on my blog - I seem to have lost yours from my blog role recently - will sort that.

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