Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Today my eldest baby is ten years old. Happy Birthday, my wonderful child. I can hardly believe it is truly ten years since those long hours at the hospital, the time has passed so quickly. I have enjoyed every second. Well, if you excuse the chicken pox, malaria, sicknesses, tantrums, pooey nappies and whining. Almost every second.

In honour of the momentous occasion, here are ten things in celebration of his life.

  1. At birth, the first thing he did was bite the paediatrician's finger (not his father!)
  2. He loves his teddy. And his little sister, but probably in that order.
  3. He could read before he went to school, and has never struggled academically since.
  4. Every time we have moved house he has been very brave and managed to make friends easily.
  5. He is immensely patient with his sister. And his mother, come to think of it.
  6. He doesn't give up ... particularly if it involves a game or activity on the Wii or DS ...
  7. His hair is beginning to make him look like Dougal from The Magic Roundabout (but he loves it).
  8. This year he was assessed as 'gifted and talented' at sport! (Seriously questioning his parenthood now!)
  9. He is very funny, and is learning to tolerate his parents' teasing of him.
  10. He resents having his birthday on one of the shortest days of the year. (I anticipate him emigrating to the southern hemisphere as soon as he gets the chance!)

Overall, he is a most beautiful, loving child and I am delighted to know him, and even more proud to say that he is My Son.

Happy 10th Birthday. Next present when you hit three digits?!

Mum x

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Mark said...

That was nice. At ten you have about two to three years before you lose them as true children- but gain something else.

In a way, I tried to write about this in my last post but one.


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