Monday, 14 February 2011

Marmalade wars

Over a couple of weekends, my husband and I have each made marmalade. Now, we are not competitive at all (ahem!) so I just wondered which was better.

First came mine: half normal (perhaps thin cut - I wasn't sure how fine I was supposed to slice the peel), half with ginger.

Thin cut

Dark, but perfectly set.
And delicious (we have gone through a jar of each already).

Yesterday came his: half normal (chunky cut), half with lemon rind as well.



Both much lighter and - oh, his rind has rather floated to the top.

Did I win?

Best of all, my daughter must have been paying some attention. For months now her favourite sandwich for school has been cheese and marmalade (if you haven't tried it, you should: it really is very good!) It is partly for her that we've made so much. So imagine my horror this morning when she announced she didn't like marmalade.

"It's got rind in it," she says.

And it didn't before?!


Troy said...

If I was buying on sight alone I'd go for the third jar (sorry!).

Mark said...

Jam, and marmalade too) - food of the Gods in my opinion. I'm coming to the last of teh quince kjelly and feeling bereft already

Catharine Withenay said...

Troy - how dare you let me down like that! It's only a trick of the sunlight!!

Mark - Are they your own quinces (or were they)? Is a quince an easy tree to grow here in the NW UK? Personally much prefer marmalade to jam, but there is great satisfaction in preserving anything - everything - that I have grown myself. Waste not, want not...

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