Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A mighty inheritance

"Dad," my son says, "why do you always use that glass?"

My husband looks at it carefully. "It's mine," he responds. "I like it. I've had it a long time and it is just the right size for my drink."

My son takes all this in, sagely nodding his head.

"Will you leave it to me in your Will?" he asks.

Somewhat taken aback, my husband replies, with a smile, "Of course. When I get round to writing my next Will I will leave it for you. But if I don't, then consider it yours regardless."

This is the glass:

Isn't it funny what children think important?


cheshire wife said...

Maybe he just wants it for sentimental reasons.

Mark said...

Ah the cup over-floweth with love.

My son once said, 'when I get old I want to be just like you, Dad - except with hair of course!'

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