Sunday 17 February 2013

I thought they were supposed to be holidays?

Half-term: a week's break from the school routine.

A week to spend with my lovely children and also - in this particular instance - with my husband.

We aren't travelling anywhere. The week is free, plenty of time to spend together as a family, to plan days out, to go to the cinema to see all the films we've missed...


  • Two dental appointments
  • Two optician appointments (different days)
  • An appointment to learn about the computer (and why it isn't working perfectly...!)
  • Writers' group
  • Writing course
  • Birthday party 
  • A trip to the vets (routine injections)

Add in that my parents-in-law are visiting for the week and we find that there is barely a day free.

How did that happen?


Working Mum said...

Sounds familiar! Have just finished my half term and I'm exhuasted. For some reason I decided to start the spring cleaning this week as well!

Catharine Withenay said...

Spring cleaning?! The recent burst of sunshine must have played silly games with your brain! Hope you get the rest you deserve at work...

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