Thursday, 11 December 2008

No more cholera in Zimbabwe

How can this be? I'm spitting mad at the blindness of the statement!

The UN declares that there are more deaths today because of cholera in Zimbabwe, over 16,000 people infected with it and (so I understand from an email from a Zimbabwean friend) there are now no functioning hospitals in Zimbabwe - no drugs and insufficient pay for medical staff meant they were unsustainable.

Yet Mr Mugabe declares that "cholera has been arrested"! 

How I fear for the people of this beautiful country, where so much has been ruined by political greed. Let's pray for peace there this Christmas: the peace and prosperity that we wish each other as the New Year approaches. Let's hope that a non-violent solution can be found so that the suffering of so many innocent people ends.


Val said...

its beyond belief - in fact the word doesnt yet exist that describes what is happening in zimbabwe.. not in my vocab anyway!
thanks for joining my blog! loved reading yours

Catharine Withenay said...

Thanks for calling by! The whole Zim situation is enough to drive anyone mad.

I love reading your blog, although it does make me long to be back in Africa...

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