Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Taxi stress

Two events this evening.

We were in a rush (nothing new there) so I got a taxi home from Rainbows with my daughter, then on to my meeting in town.  I'm stressed when rushing, when I have deadlines, when I realise that the event will start on the dot of 7, not just at some point when we feel enough people have arrived.  So when my daughter starts playing some silly game with me in the taxi I cut her short, rather abruptly - followed by her long upset silence.  

So I apologise.  I say I'm sorry, I'm stressed, we're in a rush, and I'm a terrible mother [for not wanting to play with her].

She says, "Not terrible, Mummy, but ticklish Mummy."

Interesting if only because I'm actually not that ticklish either.

Having dropped her at home with the babysitter, I dash back to the waiting taxi - ever conscious of his meter and my meeting.  He says there is no need to worry, I'll be in plenty of time, now that I've dropped off my granddaughter.

Granddaughter!!  Do I look that old?  I know I was no teenage mum but I've not yet hit forty!

Clearly my children have aged me more than I thought!


Expat mum said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! When you had a baby over 40 (accidentally) like I did, that's when you have to worry about the grandma thing!!!

Catharine Withenay said...

Thanks for coming by. I promise not to be too paranoid about looking like a grandmother just yet...

Hadriana's Treasures said...

It happened to me in Haltwhistle, Catharine, whilst I was pushing my first born in a pram. (Mind you, Haltwhistle, is well known for young mums and dads plus grandparents for that matter!!!)

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