Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Favourite photo meme

I have been really lax at responding to memes and updating the blog to incorporate awards. Thank you so much to everyone who reads this, and particularly to those who are so generous as to recognise my wonderings with awards.

Over Christmas, Troy awarded me Cherished Member of the Most Excellent Order of Troy Stalwarts 2009 (effectively third place) for contributions to his blog over the year. I want to feel delighted about this, although I fear it represents too many hours wasted on the internet... Not that Troy's blog is particularly wasteful time, you understand, merely it reflects my repeated waffling ability (much like this paragraph).

And Cheshire Wife tagged me to list five things about which I am obsessed. Five?! I struggle to think of one! I am not, by nature, an obsessive person. My husband laughs at me when I straighten the duvet or get upset by the label being up by my head rather than down by my feet. But that is as far as it goes.

Unless you count my children, of course, about whom I could talk all day. They are, of course, a bit fab. Which leads me in to the most recent tag I had from The Dotterel: the Favourite Photo Meme, or one that makes me happy. I avoid putting photos of my children on the internet, for their own privacy and security, so finding a favourite photo that doesn't involve one or other of them doing cartwheels, or dressing up as a knight, or standing next to a snowman, or sitting on an elephant ... well, it is nigh on impossible.

Given I have also (from laziness) restricted myself to digital photos (thus excluding my favourite photo of my mother) and those presently on my computer (thus excluding all my Zambian pictures, if you ignore the elephant on the sidebar) I am not left with much. I considered photos of the house, but I'd hate you to think that the decor classed as 'favourite'. Then I came upon this.

Okay, so this breaks my own rules, as it is my daughter, but I didn't think it would identify her. Being the expert medic that my husband is, he took a series of these to demonstrate Geographical Tongue. Can you see some swirls and whirls of pattern? Well, every so often these change. In all honesty, I think they have largely faded away now, because I haven't noticed anything for ages, but for the first five years of her life it was fun to get her to stick her tongue out and see what pattern we had that day.

Every time I flick through my digital photo catalogue a dozen or more like this crop up and make me laugh. How much more perfect an image of childhood can you have other than sticking out their tongue? And all in the aid of medical science!

Now I ought to pass this meme on, and Cheshire Wife's, but I know many have done them already. If you haven't: please take it from me and pass on more effectively to five worthy winners.


cheshire wife said...

Thank you for taking part. I think that there is an award that goes with this meme.

I was interested to see the photo of your daughter with Geographic tongue as I had heard about the condition but had never seen it. I hope that the condition has cleared up now.

Catharine Withenay said...

CW: I'm sorry I wasn't more use at your challenge!

Having read the wikipedia summary of geog. tongue I realise we have got off lightly. My daughter has had no bad effects: actually, she probably eats more than any of the rest of us! No probs with her objecting to food. For her it has been totally benign.

Troy said...

Do keep up the waffling!

I'm struggling with the photo - I can identify the pepperoni but not its surroundings.

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