Monday, 12 April 2010

Wonder where I'd wandered?

The Withenays have had a well-earned rest, after all the house-moving malarky that seems to overwhelm our lives. We've had a fortnight filled with views like this:

... and this:

Have you guessed where yet?
This may give it away a little...

Yes, after what seems like an age, we had a holiday back in Zambia, visiting friends and family. We had a fantastic time - thanks to all of you who entertained us and (almost more importantly) our kids. It was wonderful to see the changes that have happened (just what is going on at Manda Hill?!) and to be reassured by things that never change ("Ah, sorry, we have no more of those either madam...")

Talking of change: did you pick up on the Zambian news whilst I was away? (I gather we have an election or something coming up here in the UK...?!) Well, I guess not. President Banda chose to retire the heads and deputy-heads of the Air Force, Army and National Service and replace them with others: all six men changed in one fell swoop. He said it was to allow the younger men to rise up through the ranks. This argument is fine (I believe all six were above retirement age) but would have more credibility if he hadn't brought one of the replacements out of retirement. 

Some things, as they say, never change.

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Muddling Along Mummy said...

That looks lovely - hope you're all refreshed after your break

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