Monday, 31 January 2011

Today is the beginning

Today is Day 1.
Today my daughter will have the support she needs to learn.

I have blogged before about my frustrations with my daughter, and all the incomprehensible difficulties she has with comprehension, concentration and learning. Not much more than a year ago she was silent at school: she refused to talk to any adults. I'm delighted to say that this does not appear to be a problem at all now - instead, she is more likely to answer back and tell them they are wrong when they are not doing what she thinks is right. More recently I battled with the NHS, trying to get her seen by the right people. This is more 'on hold' than dealt with.

For my successful battle is with the school. And I mean with. Together we have applied for IPF funding, only for the council to decide to assess her for a statement. Much to my surprise, given these cash-strapped times, she has been successful in obtaining that and has twenty hours of funded 1-1 support. It was the best Christmas present we could have asked for. The school has been fantastic, fully recognising my daughter's needs in order to progress.

And today it began.
Today the teaching assistant (TA) began working with my daughter.

Today the TA sat in with my daughter and the Speech & Language Therapist to see how my girl performs and to be able to carry some of the lessons and activities back into class.

Today my daughter had a TA prompting her to remember the teacher's instructions throughout the morning's lessons.

Today my daughter had a TA prodding her into concentration, into keeping to the task at hand, into trying everything not giving up.

Today is the beginning.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring?


Muddling Along Mummy said...

That is wonderful news! So pleased that she's getting the support she needs

And incredibly well done you knowing you have fought every step of the way to get this for her

Mark said...

Well done for pushing to get the personal support. My youngest was identified as having high IQ and wide vocabulary but strangely was way below average reading ability - he just didn't get it, no matter how hard we ried.

Fifteen weeks into a one to one programme (called Every Child a Reader, check the web) he is absolutely flying. We are so lucky his school had funding for this scheme

Working Mum said...

That is good news!

Catharine Withenay said...

OK - so 'tomorrow' brought arguments with friends, stomping around, telling tales and completely wetting herself. *Sigh.* A long road ahead!
Thanks for all your positive comments though - it helps keep me going!

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