Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Maeve Binchy

Writing Wednesday
Not a normal Writing Wednesday, but a tribute to a wonderful storyteller, Maeve Binchy, whose death was announced yesterday.

What I have enjoyed most about Maeve Binchy's books is their readability: they are something I know I can pick up, get involved in and enjoy the tale. The tales of smalltown Irish life were realistic and gripping.

She was clearly one of those writers who wrote in order to tell a story, not in order to be a writer. I meant that in a very positive way. Her language was not elite, but neither was it simplistic. She could have been sat in the room telling me the story, for it was in words and phrases I understood and could relate to. I knew, on picking up a new book she had written, that I would enjoy several hours lost in the world she had created.

From all I have heard and read over the last couple of days she was also a lovely person, working tirelessly for charities that she loved. I hope and trust that as her legacy lives on in the wonders of her books, so too will the memories of a wonderful person.

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