Monday, 6 August 2012

Winning at 100m

It's all gone a little Olympic crazy here in the UK. After a slow start a flurry of medals (many of them gold) has lifted the spirit of the nation.

Last night saw the greatest race of a generation as eight men ran 100m, all but the injured Asafa Powell running less than 10 seconds. As they lined up at the beginning of the race three Americans and three Jamaicans were to do battle. Jamaica (of course, thank you Mr Bolt) won.

Yet I must make a little plug for one of the men defeated in the semi-final. No, not for either of the members of TeamGB (though don't get me wrong: I'd have loved them to win!) but for Mr Gerald Phiri of Zambia. Even his name makes me smile: it is so Zambian.

Of course, Zambia was one of those countries at the opening ceremony that you were grateful for, but only because it meant you were near the end of the teams to appear (just Zimbabwe and then TeamGB to come!) It had a very small number of athletes competing, most to no great avail ... but Mr Phiri stormed through his first heat to come third and automatically qualify for the semi-final.

Given the line-up for the final - some of the fastest men on earth, ever - it is no shame to go out in the semis, so well done Mr Phiri: you did Zambia proud!

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