Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Back to the grindstone

Half-term is over! At last!

Now I can ...

  • get on with editing my writing
  • read the book for my book club without interruption
  • sneak a chocolate biscuit from the tin with no-one watching
  • enjoy peace and quiet in the house
  • not constantly be the arbiter in the sibling wars

I can also ...

  • file all the paperwork that I put on hold
  • pay the bills that have been building up 
  • do the ironing in front of my TV choice
  • have time at home to do the washing and housework
  • find things where I leave them (well, roughly)

Oddly enough, I miss the pair of them. We had fun together, going shopping, playing games, having tea and toasted teacakes. They had time with their friends; they had time with their grandparents; I had a day in London with my husband (a big treat - thank you Grannie & Grampa!) 

A week off, and we've all relaxed and unwound.

Now all I've got to do this week is swimming lessons, Cubs, Brownies, band, drama, choir, playdates, homework, birthday party presents and get two outfits sorted for World Book Day.

Back to normal then ...

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