Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Writing Wednesday: Seeking perfection

Great was my pride when I finished Draft 2 of my travel memoir the other week. I had been working at the edits since Christmas and it was a wonderful feeling to reach the end.

I printed it out onto pristine paper so I could review it again. But silently, quietly, I was thinking:
This is it! 
A few spelling mistakes, a couple of tweaks, and I'm done! 

See how beautiful it looks! Clean white pages. Sharp black print. All in line, numbered, sorted and ready. It is even a brand new lever arch file (nothing but the best for my baby!)

I took a couple of weeks away from it, giving my brain a little space and a break from the words swimming around my head. I had been only a week or so late for my half-term deadline for Draft 2, so there was still plenty of time until my Draft 3 deadline (Easter). Why worry?

Besides, it looks great!

This week I resolved to do the final bits and pieces, pull it all together, begin the final run through. Yes, I was starting the third draft later than planned, but I remained confident that I could run through it before Easter, before the children are on holiday again and mess up all my routines.

Half an hour, and the first page looks like this:


Looks like I'll have to revise my deadlines again...


The Dotterel said...

Ah, the travails of the true author... At least be reassured that what you've described is the difference between good and bad writing, real and wannabe writers: editing. Writing's the easy bit...

Mark said...

I love editing my writing - the first draft is what kills me. It's absolutely standard for me to have version 27 or version 42 next as the working file name of my latest piece.

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