Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Writing Wednesday: World Book Day

Tomorrow is World Book Day, which (in our house) means creating amazing outfits without (a) going to any expense and (b) using up too much time. This year I am to create a butterfly and a leopard, in line with their respective school themes of Rainforests and Africa.

I love the fact there is a day to celebrate books. After all, they form so much of our history and our education. They enlighten and inspire. They make us weep and whoop! Even more so for children. They can be so caught up in a story, faces lit up by the suspense of the simplest tale. So celebrating World Book Day at school has to be encouraged as a way for them to make the paper and words real to them.

My only headache is that this involves costume work for me! I am, by nature, lazy, so enjoy the routine of school uniform (no decisions every morning, although mild panic when I look at the ironing pile). Of course, the children partly love World Book Day for exactly the reason I don't: they throw off the uniform and dress up.

The school try to make it simple. "Just joggers, a T-shirt and a made-up face is fine." And who makes up the face? I'm even less of a painter than a seamstress!

Wish me luck for tomorrow. We'll all be up at the crack of dawn, getting more and more wound up before school starts. One yellow-t-shirted leopard and one floaty butterfly, tons of face paint and two smiling faces: that's what we're aiming for.


Working Mum said...

Don't get me started on costumes. I'm already trying to find an Egyptian costume for next year's Year 3 Egyptian day!! At least I've had plenty of warning.

Catharine Withenay said...

And after I'd written yesterday's post I discovered a card shop advertising costumes for World Book Day! The charity shops benefitted a little for my two, but I dread the commercialisation of this such that parents feel obliged to spend money on a one-off costume. I think the point is the book, not the outfit!

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