Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Our new home

There is likely to be a bit of blogger silence from me for a while as we move house.

I cannot believe how excited about this I am! After all, I am moving to the Wrong Side of the Pennines, dragging my children away from an excellent school and their wonderful friends, and losing my own friends and contacts built up with a lot of hard work over the last 21 months.

But we spent the weekend in the house and I love it! It is enormous and spacious (though this may be because we haven't any furniture in it yet...) We camped for three days: sleeping bags on the floor, a kettle and a toaster our only source of hot food. It has a garden, and the children both wanted to play in it - only the weather put them off!

Having said that, it does have a few problems...
1 Night storage heaters: I hate them. Can't control the heat input, output or anything.
2 Decor. Least said the better.
3 1930's kitchen ("original cupboards") Actually, it is the 1980's taps on the sink that are the problem...
4 Too much flat roof. Peeling paper in one room.
5 No lintels over a couple of windows. Interesting movement in plasterwork there.
6 Dog smell from carpet.

So far we have achieved:
- Planting sunflowers in back garden (had to hack back rampant raspberries to get some space in the flowerbed)
- Planting cucumber seeds (please, please, germinate and survive: son desperate to eat his own grown food!)
- Planting rose bush (present from friend) (but where we expect we will put a driveway when all the renovations and alterations are pushed through - foolish? Probably.)
- Becoming members of the library.

Something tells me we have a long way to go!

I'll get around to visiting all your wonderful blogs when I am re-connected to the internet and have found my desk under all the boxes and worked out how to plug the computer back together.


Working mum said...

You mean your first job wasn't ripping out that carpet? There must be a long way to go.

Tip from me: take lots of before and after photos - it's a bit like childbirth, you'll forget how horrific it was!

Catharine Withenay said...

I figured the carpet was more comfortable to sleep on than the floorboards...

We are in the process of photographing everything. I've done that with almost every home I've lived in: there is something very special about seeing how you have transformed a home to be what you now live with. I hope to get some of them onto the blog!

Maternal Tales said...

How exciting for you!!! There's nothing like a house project to make you feel inspired. Yes, agree with lots of photos. Our house had airtex everywhere, swirly ceiling, pelmets over every window, mustard and purlple walls, etc, etc. And when I try to tell people just how hideous it was they don't believe me (and annoyingly I have no photos to back up my story). Enjoy your new house x

The Dotterel said...

I don't envy you - I hate moving house! Hope it all goes well.

cheshire wife said...

Congratulations on getting the keys to your new home. I hope that you will be very happy there. All of the problems that you have listed can be fixed. Good Luck with the move.

mike said...

glad to read the e-mail/blog and catch up. We may call in soon and say high if that's ok?

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