Thursday, 14 May 2009



Can hardly believe it, but ... look!

We own our new home!

Monies paid, mortgage released and now - the keys can be collected!

Just why oh why am I three hours and hundreds of miles away today?
(Oh yes - children have to go to school.) 
(Have 3 of their friends for tea tonight.)
(Guess I can't escape to watch the Test Match either then.)

Just so excited!! Going to spend the day planning new colour schemes and spending on the (already over-full) credit card. 

And getting more excited!


Working mum said...

Congratualtions! May you have many happy times in your new home. WM x

Maternal Tales said...

Fantastic news! How exciting for you. x

kestrel said...

Droping in on your blog, congrats and hope its fun getting the house ready and the way you want it.

Catharine Withenay said...

Thanks, one and all, for your lovely messages. Be patient with me - I think there will be a lot of blogging about the house over the coming months!

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