Saturday, 30 May 2009

Meme - Part 2

More questions and answers ...

7. What are you reading now?

The Post-Birthday World by Lionel Shriver (she of ‘We need to talk about Kevin’ fame) Not as good as the Kevin book, but maybe I’m too tired to give it enough attention. Also, as borrowed from the library it will have to go back before I move house and I might not have finished it ...


8. Use 4 words to describe yourself.

I’m not good at this sort of question. I asked my son: he said, 'annoying'. In contrast, I think I am soft on him. My daughter said, 'lovely'. So: annoying, soft, lovely and skeptical.


9. What is your guilty pleasure?

Biscuits. With every cup of tea. Regularly, throughout the day (particularly when writing).


10. Who or what makes you laugh until you're weak?

My children. My husband even more so. Can't share any of the jokes just now - partly as I can't remember them, but largely because they are always funnier at the time ... "you had to be there..."


11. First Spring thing?

Daffodils, and trees in bud. They are the wonderful sign of hope for the new year.


12. Where are you planning on travelling to next?

The visit to Zambia has had to be shelved (damn Husband’s new job…) until next Easter. This summer we’ll have a couple of weeks somewhere in the UK countryside. [I'm assuming this question excludes moving house!]


Keeping you tantalised ... for the first six, see below; for the final six check in again next Thursday...

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Maternal Tales said...

Agree with the biscuits. Ok then, just one more small one... ;-)

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