Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Chalk and cheese

First day at new school.

Daughter (6 years old): up at 6.40am, bouncing into bedroom and onto our bed.
"Is it school today? Yippee!" (more bouncing)
"I wear my new trousers?" (lots of nodding) 
"New jumper?" (more nodding) 
"New shoes?" (nodding from me turns into a grunt that is supposed to be interpreted as Yes.)
"Yippee" (hands in air, more bouncing)
Little girl dresses rapidly and goes downstairs. She puts on her apron to ensure she doesn't dirty her new uniform during breakfast, eats and is ready by 7.45am.
School starts at 8.50am.

Son (8 years old): woken by bouncy sister, grunts and shouts of disapproval resound.
Reluctantly comes downstairs in new uniform. Looks great, but is upset that there are buttons on both the polo shirt and the trousers (he hates buttons).
Stands to eat breakfast (Weetabix falls on floor instead).
Retreats to watch TV until it is time to leave.

At the end of the day...
Daughter can't remember the name of a single person in her class, but does remember her teacher's name. I am already asked in for a meeting to discuss her, although the teacher was very, very positive and said she'd had a fantastic day with no problems.

Son is in a class with two other boys with the same name. And can name another three or four children. And had a great day learning about global warming and playing tennis (though not necessarily at the same time).

Day 2: as we leave, my son tells me he's left a note for me on my desk.
"OK. I'll read it when I get back - is that all right?"
Somewhat morosely he walks with us to school. (Daughter finds friend who lives a couple of doors down and skips away merrily.)

I get home to find Teddy on my desk with a note:

You can hug him


cheshire wife said...

We all have different ways of dealing with the same situation. How is Teddy coping?

Maternal Tales said...

Aaah that last bit is too too cute. And yes - my two are chalk and cheese two. It always amazes me! x

Catharine Withenay said...

CW: Teddy seems to be coping fine. Although, I did notice that his ear was a little wet from chewing.

MT: I know, it is always amazing how two such different people can come from the one stock, and (remarkably!) get on so well together!

Sparx said...

Oh! Teddy obviously needs some reassurance... Already when the spud doesn't want me to kiss him I'm allowed to kiss his toy bunny instead.

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