Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Our new home

Finally, the children are back at school and I feel I can justify a little time to myself to blog and catch up with the world. I gather Gordon Brown's been having a few problems whilst I've been away...!

The move to the new house has all gone according to plan. We remain living in chaos: very few boxes left to unpack, but not necessarily anywhere for it to go. John Lewis are still awaiting delivery of the microwave we bought a month ago (grrrr...!!) so we survive using a single hob. One pot meal recipes welcomed!

There is so much work needing to be done to the house. Last lived in three years ago, the previous owners had bought the house 40 years previously, so it is a little dated and in need of modernising. We have inherited some delightful carpets...




Parts of the kitchen probably go back to the 1930's: perhaps we should open the house as a museum! 
The picture above shows the gas fire (now condemned by the Corgi man) and back boiler (only surviving through the grace of God, we fear). There is a two-way cupboard to the dining room, just visible on the right, which echoes back to my childhood. 
And below, the pantry - how extravagant is that!

Although the house requires a lot of work we have been very fortunate to have some lovely neighbours (with children the same age as mine!) and I am trusting that my two will have a fantastic first day at their new school. My daughter was up by 6.45am bouncing around, excited to go. In contrast, my son had a face longer than a wet Tuesday. (Which it isn't, incidentally.) Husband still loves his job, although the commute is hard work at the moment. I am trying to work out where I fit in this new community. Then again, with time to myself I'll hopefully get plenty of chances to write!

Of course, that depends on finding my desk. Big sigh! Time to return to those unfinished boxes.


Maternal Tales said...

Ooh I do love the 'before' shots from a renovation project. We definitely didn't take enough. The carpets are legendary, but I trust you will be removing them?! Love the pantry - hold on to that if you can!

Catharine Withenay said...

Yes, the carpets are going. As are the curtains (net or otherwise). And four overgrown trees. And the double garage. And the flat roof. And the electric fires. And the night storage heaters.

Ever felt like there was a lot to do?!

Troy said...

You've got a lot of work on there!
You might want to ensure the trees haven't got TPOs (Tree Preservation Orders) on them (our's have) before doing anything to them.
One pot recipe - porridge??
I hope you settle into your new home and new neighbourhood quickly.

Catharine Withenay said...

Porridge!! Saving that for the Aga! Mind you, I'm cold enough to benefit from it.
I'm sure we're OK on the TPOs (but thanks for the reminder). When we arrived our neighbours were busy chopping down two silver birch trees adjacent to our house, so quietly confident no-one will care!
Thanks for the recognition on your blog - blimey! what does a girl have to do to get an award, eh?!

Working Mum said...

Actually, that house looks slightly better than the one we're doing up! (Have you seen my scary axminster?)

Seriously, good luck with the house renevation. I'm two and a half years in and have finished all the rooms, now doing hall, stairs and landing and it is beginning to look like the fabulous family home we envisaged. So hang in there, it's worth it in the end!

Working Mum said...

Oh, me again, just read some other comments - do be careful with the trees, one of our neighbours was reported to the authorities (by another neighbour!) for cutting down a silver birch and fined. We asked advice and were told that we could cut down the 'wild' one that had grown from seed in our garden because it was under a certain height. Worth checking out!

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