Monday, 15 June 2009

Garden design

My daughter is making a miniature garden at school today.

She spent last week at school designing her garden. On Friday she brought home her list of what she needed to find in order to create and fulfill the design . It consisted of:

- little box for playhouse and shed
- little box for table and chairs
- flower seeds

Of course, despite a whole weekend at home, it is only on Monday morning that we do anything about this, so at some ungodly hour I am dashing around finding small boxes (how big is a miniature garden?) to provide all the hard landscaping for her masterpiece. The only horticultural bit - the flower seeds - we fail on completely: I had thought of raiding the pantry for sunflower or poppy seeds, but was a bit concerned that she actually wants these flowers to grow.

At breakfast, I'm thinking about what I can pull together for her and it strikes me that there are empty toilet rolls in the bathroom. Can these be transformed into garden shed? Probably not, but then I hit on an idea.

"Would you like a totem pole in your garden?" I ask.

Shaking her head she responds, "Because I don't have a pond."

No - I don't get it either.


Sparx said...

Yes but can't you see that a totem pole needs a pond to... er... to... does she think you meant a fountain? Very sweet, hope you sorted out the seeds!

Exmoorjane said...

Ah because every pond needs a pole. Love the idea of a garden totem pole and might just hvae to have one myself....
Olive trees, btw - don't let them get too wet - mine has been suffering peacock spot cos of the crap summer last year. Though sounds like yours is a full grown job which should be fine.

Catharine Withenay said...

Sparx - A fountain? Perhaps. Or maybe she misheard 'pole' as 'pond' and thought she didn't need a totem anything. Who knows?!

Exmoorjane - Thanks for the olive tree advice. It is at the back of a cage full of raspberries, and weeds. Will have to go and give it a more thorough review this afternoon as I can't believe it would really be fruiting this far north (and Manchester is known for its rain...!) Even if detrimental to plant, peacock spot is a rather glorious name!

cheshire wife said...

We have a pond at the end of our garden but I cannot imagine what we would do with a totem pole. Must be some new idea.It will probably be all the rage at Tatton Park Flower Show.

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